Where Are They Now? A Conversation with Past HCIF Intern Carmen Rosa Rodriguez

April 28, 2022

In celebration of Internship Awareness Month, HCIF interviewed past intern Carmen Rosa Rodriguez as part of our “Where Are They Now?” series. During Carmen’s internship with HCIF in spring 2018, she supported the Health Literacy Coalition and the CPR ready program.

Currently, Carmen works as an online teacher and teaches English as well as Anatomy and Physiology to children in the United States and abroad.

Please share your current position/educational pursuits. Why did you decide to pursue it? What excites you most about your current work?

Currently, I am working as an online teacher. I teach English to children abroad and Anatomy/Physiology to children in the States and all over the world. I am also working on becoming a Certified Fertility Awareness Educator through FEMM. I think it’s obvious that I am passionate about education and promotions, and that is because I believe people can properly advocate for themselves or make proper decisions regarding their health/wellbeing if they have the proper education and tools to do so.

What did you find most valuable about your experience working with HCIF? What was something you learned from your internship with us?

I loved working with HCIF. It was such a fun experience. I think working on CPR Ready, and the Health Literacy Coalition, I had to trust and sharpen my translation and public speaking skills. A lot of what I learned at HCIF has influenced a lot of my work and what I hope to do in the future.

If we were to check back in with you in 5 years, where would you like to be? What would you like to have accomplished?

My friends constantly say “you should be in charge of something,” so I guess in a few years I would like to be doing just that; taking on a leadership role in a local agency or clinic.

What’s a fun fact most people don’t know about you, or a favorite hobby that you’d like to share?

A fun fact about me is that when I was 12 years old I was on the cover of Al Día twice! As for hobbies, I like to spend my spare time going on hikes with my dog.

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