June 15, 2020

Valentina Moreno, a rising junior at Haverford College, has joined HCIF’s Clinical Improvement team to serve as the Summer Data & Research Intern. Valentina is an Economics major who has declared a double minor in Health Studies and English. Her last internship was spent as a teacher at a Woman’s Empowerment Centre in rural Morocco. It was in Morocco that Valentina discovered her passion for public health. In the midst of stark inequality and blatant injustices, she became determined to advocate for equity and justice in health care access and quality. This determination led her to HCIF where she joins a team of mission-oriented individuals that work towards clinical improvement and population health. At HCIF, Valentina joins the clinical improvement team where she will work on several concurrent projects. Specifically, she will assist with the PURC collaborative, the Opioid Learning Action Network (LAN) project, and the Partnership for Patient Care’s Patient Safety & Quality Award program. Additionally, she will work closely with HCIF’s marketing team to continue publicly celebrating the organization’s achievements. Through this internship, Valentina plans to leverage her interdisciplinary schooling by applying her education to the projects HCIF oversees; this internship is her opportunity to further develop her analytical skills in both data work and research. Valentina has enthusiastically joined HCIF in the hopes of finding her place in public health.