Welcome HCIF’s Summer Data & Research Intern, Eliza Brosgol!

Eliza Brosgol, a rising senior at Haverford College, has joined HCIF’s Clinical Improvement team to serve as the Summer Data & Research Intern. Eliza is an Economics major and French minor at Haverford and has previously interned in the healthcare department at Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office last summer. One of Eliza’s favorite courses at Haverford was an elective Health Economics course, which provided her an informative overview of the U.S. healthcare system and allowed her to learn about economics in an applied setting. Additionally, Eliza studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark last fall and was exposed to the drastic differences in the Danish and American healthcare systems, which furthered her interest in pursuing an internship directly in the healthcare sphere. At HCIF this summer, Eliza will assist on the Pennsylvania Urology Regional Collaborative (PURC) and CPR Ready projects in addition to managing the organization’s social media accounts. She also hopes to develop a greater understanding of the components that make up the U.S. healthcare system and discover which aspects are of particular interest to her. Additionally, she also wishes to understand the ways in which someone with a background in economics can bring value to a nonprofit organization that targets healthcare improvement initiatives. Lastly, Eliza plays midfield for the Haverford College Women’s Lacrosse team and will continue to pursue a career after graduating that combines her interest in healthcare, business, and economics.

Welcome HCIF’s PURC Intern, Diksha Ramnani

October 2, 2018

Diksha Ramnani, an MPH student at Drexel University, has joined the PURC team through March 2019.  Diksha will support PURC’s working groups, especially the Active Surveillance Working Group where she will be analyzing patterns and indicators of reclassification for prostate cancer patients placed on active surveillance.

Public health’s emphasis on improving population health through a preventative perspective is very appealing to Diksha.  Her interest in public health started during her undergraduate career as the field provided a practical avenue for blending her two primary interests, biology and anthropology.  Diksha’s favorite classes at Drexel thus far include Epidemiology and Biostatistics.  She is also looking forward to her future coursework in infectious diseases.  Following graduation, Diksha hopes to work as a health data analyst at a non-profit or health department.

Diksha loves being outdoors participating in activities such as jogging, hiking, biking, or kayaking.  She can be found on the Schuylkill River trail every weekend, rain or shine.

Welcome HCIF’s Public Health Intern, Dan Callahan!

September 20, 2018

Dan Callahan, an undergraduate public health student from Temple University, is joining HCIF’s population health team for the fall 2018 semester. Dan will support HCIF’s health literacy initiatives.

Dan views public health through the lens of helping others and devoting time and energy to causes that he is passionate about. He appreciates the broad applicability of public health principles to interactions from the micro (individual) to macro (policy) level. Some of his favorite classes at Temple University have been on topics like health education and health policy. In the future, Dan hopes to work towards meaningful and systematic policy change, potentially in a non-profit or government setting.

Dan is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan and was excited to cheer on his home team and attend the Super Bowl parade to revel over their amazing victory. He is looking forward to becoming repeat champions this season. Go Birds!


Sitha Dy, HCIF’s PURC Intern Completes her Doctorate of Nursing Dissertation!

September 12, 2018

Sitha Dy, HCIF’s PURC intern recently completed her Doctorate of Nursing dissertation presentation and defense on active surveillance at Thomas Jefferson University.  You can read a short recap of her dissertation as well as view her poster presentation below.  We want to thank Sitha for all her work at HCIF and congratulate her on this wonderful achievement! 

The practice inquiry research project was aimed at understanding and characterizing the utilization of active surveillance as a treatment option for men with low-risk prostate cancer among providers participating in the Pennsylvania Urologic Regional Collaborative (PURC). The Health Care Improvement Foundation (HCIF), the coordinating center for PURC, provided a hub of over 100 urology providers across nine counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and over 7,000 urologic patients. The design of this research was a combination of a descriptive survey study and an analysis of the PURC data registry. An electronic survey was distributed to PURC providers to seek information in regard to their active surveillance practice. An analysis of the PURC data registry information was completed to characterize how PURC providers were following patients on active surveillance.

Active Surveillance