Wendy Nickel, MPH


Wendy Nickel was appointed President of the Health Care Improvement Foundation (HCIF) in 2020. In this role, Wendy leads regional healthcare initiatives focused on improving the safety, outcomes, and care… Read more.

Pamela A. Braun, BSN, MSN

Vice President, Clinical Improvement

Pam Braun joined HCIF in 2008 and currently serves as Vice President, Clinical Improvement. She leads patient safety initiatives funded by the Partnership for Patient Care… Read more.

Susan Cosgrove, MPA, CPHQ

Senior Director, Community Impact

Susan Cosgrove joined HCIF in 2013 and currently leads HCIF’s regional and statewide health literacy initiatives, building capacity to improve health literacy in Pennsylvania…  Read more.

Lauren Eckel, MPH, CHES

Project Coordinator

Lauren Eckel joined HCIF in September 2022 as Project Coordinator for the Population Health team. Lauren provides support to multiple project teams in the management… Read more

Liz Owens, MS

Senior Project Manager

Liz Owens joined HCIF in March of 2017 as Project Coordinator and since then has been promoted to Senior Project Manager. In this position, Liz supports the Partnership for Patient… Read more.


Sehrish Rashid, MPH, MA

Project Manager

Sehrish Rashid joined HCIF in August 2022 as a Project Manager for the Population & Community Health team. She currently supports the Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition (PAHLC)… Read more

April Reilly, MSW


April Reilly joined HCIF in 2022 as a Director, working with both the Clinical Improvement and Population Health teams. She is currently serving on the Health Equity Data Strategy… Read more.

Kelsey Salazar, MPH


Kelsey Salazar joined HCIF in 2017 as a Project Manager on the Population Health team. She currently serves on the project team for the Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition, manages… Read more.


Meghan Smith, MPH

Project Manager

Meghan Smith joined HCIF in 2022 as Project Manager for the Clinical Improvement team. Meghan has a background in project and program management in non-profit, academic, and… Read more.


Cassidy Tarullo, MPP

Project Manager

Cassidy Tarullo joined our team in September of 2019 as Administrative Coordinator, and after two years as Project Coordinator, has been promoted to Project Manager. Cassidy provides project... Read more.