Staff Profile: A Conversation with Sehrish Rashid, MPH, MA

November 17, 2022

In celebration of Public Health Thank You Day, the Health Care Improvement Foundation (HCIF) would like to highlight one of our newest staff members, Sehrish Rashid, for her extraordinary contributions to public health. Sehrish joined HCIF in August 2022 and is a Project Manager for the Population Health Team. In her role, she focuses on Health Literacy, Cities Changing Diabetes, and COACH initiatives. Learn more about Sehrish in this month’s staff profile.


How did you learn about HCIF and what prompted you to start working there?
Being a public health graduate, I wanted to pursue a career that is closely related to program monitoring and evaluation. I realized during my initial conversations with the staff that, as a Project Manager, I actually could be a part of the M&E process. I was also told that there would be a possibility of working for health communication. So, both these things truly prompted me to start working at HCIF. And not to forget, the mission, vision, and values of HCIF are also admirable and something that I truly respect.

What has been your most rewarding professional experience thus far? What is your proudest accomplishment during your time at HCIF?
I think it’s a little early to talk about my accomplishments at HCIF, since I’ve only been here for a couple months. Yet, if we were to discuss my experience during this time, I feel my proudest accomplishment has been the ability to jump right in the tasks and provide my support wherever it’s needed. I became an active part of the planning team for our Health Literacy Month event from the get go, and everyone supported me tremendously through the process. Together, we all made it a successful event.

What excites you most about your position at HCIF?
The fact that HCIF facilitates so many powerful projects is something that truly excites me about my position at HCIF. I’m someone who never hesitates from learning new things, and I feel there’s so much to learn here at the organization. I feel like this position is allowing me to challenge my skills in a number of productive ways.

“I also like to have an open mind because the best things have happened to me when I expected the least.”


What is one of the most important things you have learned while working at HCIF?
One thing I have learned from HCIF is that it’s important for organizations and leadership to respect and be thoughtful, not only towards its partners, but the staff as well. In my position, I’m learning how to positively model the organizational & professional change that we usually talk about and want to see around us.

What are your long-term career goals?
My long-term career goals are related to gaining more experience towards program monitoring and evaluation. I want to be a part of global health projects in the long run, but I also like to have an open mind because the best things have happened to me when I expected the least. If circumstances allow, I’d love to apply for a DrPH program.

What is a quote that inspires you in your work?
I don’t think it’s specifically related to work, but in general, the quote that inspires me is that change is the only constant in life. It allows me to keep going regardless of the obstacles and believe that nothing truly lasts forever.

What motivates you both personally and professionally?
The ability to be useful for others. I’ve spent enough time thinking about the “meaning” or “purpose” of my life, but at this point, I like to tell myself that it doesn’t have to be anything grand; I can get joy and motivation from all the little things that this world has to offer.

What are your interests outside of work?
Outside of work, I like to spend time with my family, friends, and my cat. I also like traveling and being close to nature. I occasionally write poetry in both Urdu and English, and I’m an avid art lover.

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