Staff Profile: A Conversation with Pam Braun

April 23, 2021

If you’ve been a long-time partner of HCIF, chances are you know Pam Braun, who has the longest tenure of any other HCIF employee. Joining the organization in 2008, Pam serves as VP of Clinical Improvement. Pam has overseen the growth of our clinical quality and patient safety program portfolio and has led our signature Partnership for Patient Care Program for many years. She also provides leadership for many organizational initiatives, such as staff development and strategic planning. Her warm and calm demeanor in the midst of complex and challenging issues serves her well in her role. Learn more about Pam in this month’s staff profile.




How did you become interested in healthcare quality, and what are you most passionate about within the field?

After being a bedside nurse for many years, I returned to school to earn an MSN.  My coursework included classes on healthcare quality.  I loved learning about the different theories, principles and approaches. Soon after, I accepted a position as a quality analyst.  I’ve worked in healthcare quality and patient safety for over 20 years and never looked back!

What accomplishments are you most proud of from your tenure with HCIF?

I would have to say that I’m most proud of the formation of our regional safe table, a program that HCIF leads in partnership with ECRI PSO. The idea for this program came from our Clinical Advisory Committee members. They wanted to build on the trust and transparency among our region’s patient safety and quality leaders , so recommended a program where these leaders can discuss and learn from actual events of harm, a departure from our traditional topic-specific programs. After many months of planning and gaining support from the region’s hospital attorneys and executives, we launched the program nearly 5 years ago with the hope that enough people would be interested in participating for a 1-year trial period and that participants would be comfortable sharing their experiences and solutions. I’m pleased to say that this program has been far more successful than I thought it would be. I’m honored to continue to support this program and am humbled by the level of expertise and commitment towards patient safety of safe table participants.

How do you apply your nursing experience to the work you do at HCIF?

I have worked many years as a nurse in acute-care and ambulatory care settings both as a direct care provider and as a quality/safety leader. Through this experience, I feel as though I can relate to the numerous challenges that providers/administrators face, appreciate all of the competing priorities that organizations undertake, and can help develop realistic and effective improvement strategies to implement. When I work with individual teams on improvement efforts, it also works to my advantage that I am viewed as a peer.

You’ve been with HCIF longer than any other current employee – how has the organization evolved over time? 

When I started at HCIF 13 years ago, I was one of four employees and we supported 2 major programs.  We now have eleven employees and have supported MANY programs.  The focus of our work has expanded from Quality/Patient Safety to include population/community health.  We’ve also expanded our regional work to include participants across Pennsylvania and into New Jersey.   It’s been very exciting to be involved in HCIF’s growth!

What are some of your personal interests?

I’m a parent of 3 daughters, 20 y.o., 18 y.o and 15 y.o.  My 18 y.o daughter has Trisomy 21 and Autism, so my husband and I like to get involved in school and community activities that promote awareness and inclusion of people with special needs such as the Special Olympics, Buddy Walks, and Best Buddies.  I’m always inspired by the abilities and strengths of these amazing individuals!


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