Regional Safe Community

HCIF launched Regional Safe Community, a Partnership for Patient Care (PPC) collaborative, in March 2017 to create a unique environment for patient safety leaders to learn from safety event experiences and share best practices.  This 3-year program consists of two components, PPC Safe Table and Safety Forum.

The PPC Safe Table, facilitated by ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization, provides a legally protected environment for Patient Safety Officers to discuss actual patient safety events and to share solutions and best practices.  Participation in the Safe Table will be open to HCIF-contributing organizations only.

The Safety Forum engages front line leaders and staff, including individuals working in risk management, patient safety, quality, and regulatory to examine safety hazards and vulnerabilities that could potentially result in a safety event.  Safety Forum participants will discuss issues and share opinions, strategies, tools, processes, and tactics with their safety peers across the region.  Participation is open to hospital and non-hospital providers in Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Pam Braun, Vice President, Clinical Improvement