Screening without Stigma: Health Literate Ways to Ask Hard Questions Meeting Resources

On June 6-7, the Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition (PAHLC) held its annual health literacy event titled Screening without Stigma: Health Literate Ways to Ask Hard Questions. These two days of several sessions included panel discussions, keynote addresses, and interactive sessions. For those who could not make it to this event, we’d love to share some quotes and critical messaging that came from the conversations:

“We need to approach these conversations with humility, respect, and compassion.” – U. Tara Hayden
“My concern about the use of the word ‘screening’ is that its use risks turning the activity into a laundry list of questions that forces us not to engage in a patient-centered way.” – Heather Klusaritz, panel discussion

Before health care professionals can administer any care, they must gather information to assess each patient properly. While preliminary physical or psychological health screenings are essential, often, there are underlying issues that aren’t easily identified. We want to continue to grow and learn with you to continue your work with a health literate lens. Thank you to all of our attendees and speakers!

You can find all of the session recordings from this event by clicking on the link below: Click here to watch session recordings

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