Health Literacy Through the Lens of Trauma-Informed Healing Meeting Materials

The Pennsylvania Health Literacy Coalition (PAHLC) held the 2023 Health Literacy Month Event titled Health Literacy Through the Lens of Trauma-Informed Healing on October 17th this year. The following quotes encapsulate some of the many insightful takeaways from our event’s discussions:

“Every interaction is an intervention.” – Dr. Karen Treisman, quoted by Dr. Jeanne Felter

“When we’re only helping people tell the story of their trauma, we’re only having them tell half the story. The other half is the story of survival and strength and resilience.” – Dr. Meagan Corrado

“It’s more than a list of dos and don’ts. It’s about reframing how you interact with people…Universal approach of safety!” – Gwen Soffer

“We need to make resilience for healthcare worker more about how you recover and not how you endure.” – Dr. Dena Hubbard

Thanks to all who participated, shared personal experiences, and helped create a safe space for discussing these crucial topics. You can find the session recordings from this meaningful event through the link below: Click here to watch session recordings.

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