HCIF Excellence in Healthcare Awards 2023

The following are the 2023 top three award winners with links to their award videos and project abstracts, followed by the entries placing in the top ten. HCIF would like to congratulate all of our 2023 award winners!

First Place: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Recognition Video

“Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Patient Care: A Pathway for Hemodialysis Patients without an Outpatient Center”

Second Place: Chester County Hospital Recognition Video | Poster

“Improving Postpartum Outcomes and Decreasing Health Care Disparities in Hispanic Patients”

Third Place:  Main Line Health Recognition Video | Poster

“Prevention of Hypothermia in Preterm Infants”


Top 10 Winners:

Jefferson Abington Presentation Video | Submission

“Aligning Serious Safety Event Evaluations with Modern Safety Science to Eliminate Preventative Harm”

Jefferson Abington & Lansdale Presentation Video | Submission

“Redefining PFCC Experiences: Focusing on what is Sacred: An Approach to DE&I”

Jefferson Einstein Philadelphia Presentation Video | Submission

“Decreasing Tracheostomy Related Pressure Injuries: A Multidisciplinary Approach”

Jefferson Einstein Philadelphia Presentation Video | Submission

“Incidence Drives Improvement”

Jefferson Einstein Montgomery Hospital Presentation Video | Submission

“Improving the Care for Infants affected by Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome”

Main Line Health System Presentation Video | Submission

“Reducing Primary Cesarean Section Rates and Narrowing the Equity Gap”

Temple University Hospital Presentation Video | Submission

“Partnering with the Patient An Evidenced Based Fall Prevention Bundle”

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