Regional Collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment

At the request of local non-profit hospitals and health systems, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the Health Care Improvement Foundation are leading the development of a regional collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for submission in 2019. This collaboration among 11 hospitals and health systems in Greater Philadelphia is the first of its kind in the region since the CHNA became a federal requirement in 2010.

Goals & Objectives

The collaborative CHNA seeks to foster:

  • Increased collaboration among local hospitals/health systems serving this region
  • Reduced duplication of activities and community burden from participation in multiple community meetings
  • Opportunities for shared learning
  • Establishment of a strong foundation for coordinated hospital efforts to address highest priority community needs

Key Success & Outcomes

Since launch in October 2018, the following have been accomplished:

1. Establishment of a Steering Committee composed of representatives from participating health systems and health departments. The Steering Committee is charged with making decisions about the structure and content of the jointly shared CHNA report.

2. Development of a structure for the report. The CHNA report will be organized by geographic communities and include data from Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, and Chester counties. These counties will be divided into meaningful sub-divisions that will enable identification of priority needs unique to communities. Each participating hospital will have a dedicated section within the CHNA that defines the hospital’s unique service area, characteristics of the patient population, and utilization patterns. The CHNA will conclude with a list of priority health needs for community health improvement for hospital service areas.

3. Design and implementation of robust qualitative data collection that includes geography-based community resident meetings and focus groups with key informant stakeholders serving populations of special interest. HCIF is working closely with the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations to manage this data collection.