Implementing Community-Based Solutions

HCIF uses a strengths-based approach to work closely with community-based organizations, faith-based partners, health systems, payors, and other partners. Our programs foster partnership, collaboration, and shared leadership by supporting communities to develop and implement innovative multi-sector, community-driven  interventions. Together, we advance strategies that address health and social needs in order to build healthier communities.

Cities For Better Health (CBH) – Philadelphia

Launched in 2019, Cities for Better Health (CBH) – Philadelphia integrates community-driven and place-based approaches across multiple sectors to change conditions that contribute to chronic disease in the city’s historically vulnerable and underserved communities. Led by the Health Care Improvement Foundation, CBH – Philadelphia promotes community empowerment and sovereignty, chronic disease awareness, and addresses key social drivers of health through community-based partnerships with more than two dozen organizations.

Collaborative Opportunities to Advance Community Health (COACH)

COACH is an initiative that brings together hospital/health system, public health, and community partners to address community health needs in southeastern Pennsylvania. Facilitated by HCIF since launching in 2015, COACH has provided a structure for participants to explore collaborative implementation strategies as hospitals/health systems respond to Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) through implementation plans mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

Regional Community Health Needs Assessment (rCHNA)

HCIF coordinates the regional, collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment (rCHNA) on behalf of nine area health systems. The rCHNA assesses population health and social needs indicators for geographic communities, and engages community voices in one streamlined process to gain their perspective on community assets, needs, and proposed solutions.

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