Regional Safe Community

The Challenge

Over two decades ago the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report “To Err is Human” was released, citing at the time that errors cause between 44,000 and 98,000 deaths every year in American hospitals, and over one million injuries. The report prompted a national movement in patient safety and urged the healthcare system to embark on a strategic and collaborative improvement approach to make patient care safer. According to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, in 2022 alone there were nearly 247,000 incidents reported and about 9,700 serious events identified in the state of Pennsylvania further affirming the continued need for healthcare organizations to have an opportunity to discuss trending topic areas for improvement and their approaches and responses to these events.

What We Do

Our Solution

HCIF launched Regional Safe Community, a Partnership for Patient Care (PPC) collaborative, in March 2017 to create a unique environment for patient safety leaders to learn from safety event experiences and share best practices. This multi-year program consists of two components: Safe Table and Safety Forum.

Safe community topics list

Program Impact

Safe Table Meetings held
of participants felt comfortable sharing their views and opinions at meetings
of responding participants reported the superior overall importance of meetings

“The Safe Table Program brings a dedicated team together striving for best possible outcomes, implementing evidence based practice, learning from each other and striving to improve care for their individual organizations. I am grateful and honored to collaborate with such a highly devoted, intelligent and enthusiastic team.”

– Safe Table Member

Program Details

For more information or to get involved, contact Liz Owens, Senior Project Manager, HCIF.

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