Excellence in Health Care Awards

The Challenge

As stated in the “Crossing the Quality Chasm'' publication released in 2001 by the Institute of Medicine's Quality of Health Care in America project, it takes an average of 17 years for evidence-based research to be incorporated into clinical practice. The report also states that oftentimes dissemination efforts fail to reach many frontline clinicians and patients. There is a critical need to ensure innovations in quality, safety, and equity are shared broadly in order to speed adoption.

What We Do

Our Solution

The Excellence in Health Care Awards (previously Delaware Valley Patient Safety & Quality Award) is one of many ways in which HCIF promotes best practices in health care, patient safety, quality and equity throughout the region. The award showcases initiatives that can be replicated throughout the region, and demonstrates both interdisciplinary collaboration and the commitment of senior leadership. Recently, new criteria was added to include health equity and patient and family engagement. The program emphasizes the dissemination of successful initiatives to benefit the broader health care community.

DVPSQA 1st Place

Program Impact

The award program inspires innovation, exposes organizations to regional best practices, advances quality, patient safety, and equity, and fosters valuable exchanges among health care professionals. With its broad participation and recognition, the program continues to make a lasting impact in the southeastern PA region.

Over 600 total entries received

All local participating hospitals represented on judging panel

150+ total winners recognized

“The thing I’ve found most impactful about participating in the Award program is realizing how important and impactful our work is to our community. To be recognized for the work that we do, and for our program to be highlighted in this way, is affirming and humbling. It lets everyone know that even on the worst days, this work is necessary.”

– 2022 1st Place Winning Team Member

“Often in the daily work, it is easy to lose sight of the larger picture. Participating in the award allowed us to showcase our work that has been years in the making, and allowed us personally to see the impact of the work on a larger scale.”

– 2022 1st Place Winning Team Member

"The opportunity to exchange ideas with local colleagues is very valuable."

– Participant

Program Details

If you have any questions, contact Cassidy Tarullo at ctarullo@hcifonline.org.

For more information about the Partnership for Patient Care program, contact Pam Braun at pbraun@hcifonline.org.

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