Partner Profile: A Conversation with Steve Wray

December 18, 2019

December 18, 2019

The Health Care Improvement Foundation’s (HCIF) Partner Profiles highlight the efforts of valued and innovative health leaders. Our partners’ work supports HCIF’s vision for a responsive, coordinated health care community that fulfills the needs of patients and consumers to achieve better health.

Steve Wray, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Econsult Solutions, Inc., has served on HCIF’s Board of Directors for over a decade, and has been Chair of the Board since 2017. Below, he shares his perspective on economic development, public-private partnerships, and HCIF’s evolution and accomplishments during his tenure.

How did you become interested in public policy and economic development? What do you think people should know about public-private partnerships in Philadelphia?

I have always been a policy wonk, including both an undergraduate and master’s degree in Public Policy. Partnerships are hard work – they require collaboration, innovation and organizational support to make them work.

You have been a board member for 11 years. How have you seen HCIF evolve in that time?

HCIF has moved from a hospital centered organization to one with a broader portfolio of issue impacting all manners of health care issues – from population health, to disease management to health literacy. The staff has been very creative and nimble to expand HCIF’s role while staying true to our mission.

What has been the most rewarding part of being Chair of the Board?

Working with the dedicated members of the board is great, but it is truly a privilege to see and understand the quality of the staff. HCIF is at the center of crucial issues, driving high value health care and bringing together leaders to solve problems while recognizing the need for accountability and data.

What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishment to date, and what would you like to accomplish in the future?

Leading the IssuesPA election information initiative for the Pennsylvania Economy League from 2001-2006. We broke new ground in presenting issues information online and made a real difference in 2 gubernatorial elections. In the future, I would like to run for office and bring back some semblance of bipartisanship to policy making.

If you could motivate people in your field to tackle one issue or address one challenge, what would it be?

I am a strong believer in the importance of early childhood education, so I would like to see Pennsylvania (and the nation) truly adopt a universal approach to high-quality early education.

What’s a quote that inspires you in your work?

“No matter where you go, there you are” from the movie Buckaroo Bonzai. To me, it represents being present and fully engaged no matter where life takes you.

Steve’s favorite color is Duke Blue, in honor of his alma mater. Of all the places he has traveled for business or pleasure, Nice, France tops his list for places to visit.

Steve Wray
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