Getting to Affordability: Exploring Total Cost of Care

The Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI), with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is leading a multi-regional innovation initiative focused on the production, sharing and use of information about the total cost of care at a primary care practice level. HCIF was selected as one of 11 sites to study and/or implement the use of HealthPartners’ Total Cost of Care (TCoC) measure.

This unique approach to standardizing how regions can report cost information balances local customization with alignment to national efforts in order to make the information consistent, relevant, and actionable. As a development site, we aim to understand and examine the barriers and challenges to calculating and reporting the Total Cost of Care in our region. The TCoC framework addresses one of the most fundamental problems related to population health: rising health care costs. It is a full-population, person-centered measurement tool that accounts for 100% of the care provided to a patient. Additionally, it supplies a reporting suite to support multiple levels of analysis and is endorsed by the National Quality Forum.

More information about the TCoC index is available in this short video.

For more information on NRHI’s Total Cost of Care initiative, please see Total Cost of Care Accelerates Healthcare Affordability one-pager or read NRHI’s press release.


Kate Flynn, President