HCIF Facilitates Cross-Sector Collaboration Through Cities Changing Diabetes – Philadelphia

September 8, 2023

Cities Changing Diabetes – Philadelphia (CCD) is an HCIF-led project that integrates community-driven and place-based approaches across multiple sectors to address obesity, diabetes, and their social drivers in the city’s historically vulnerable and underserved communities. Funded by Novo Nordisk, CCD – Philadelphia promotes chronic disease awareness and addresses key social drivers of health through partnerships with more than two dozen organizations, including community-based organizations and houses of faith. This summer, HCIF advanced these objectives through the engagement and onboarding of four new partners, and by convening new & existing partners for a collaborative meeting and site visit.

On August 9, Health Care Improvement Foundation (HCIF) held our Annual Site Visit and Collaborative Meeting. The gathering was hosted by two CCD partners; Greener Partners and Calvary St. Augustine Episcopal Church. Featured sessions included a tour of the Belmont School Community Garden, new partner introductions, and reorientation through a collaborative mapping activity for partners to identify where they provide services like food access, health education and peer support across the city. The event utilized graphic recording services by Illustrating Progress across various sessions of the agenda. Other facilitated sessions encouraged partners to explore complementary activities and opportunities to increase impact through collaboration. You can find photos from the day below.

Cities Changing Diabetes – Philadelphia will continue to foster cross-sector collaboration to address social drivers of health for historically vulnerable and underserved communities, improve access to resources for healthy living, and ensure the sustainability of programs through 2025 with ongoing grant funding from Novo Nordisk.

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