HAP HIIN Programs Continue with CMS-Awarded 6-Month Extension

November 16, 2018

November 16, 2018

The HAP HIIN CT Radiation Safety collaborative led by HCIF in partnership with ECRI Institute and the HAP HIIN Diagnostic Error collaborative led by both HCIF and the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority continues for six months starting in September 2018 with funding from CMS.  HCIF looks forward to continuing work on these two important topics through March of 2019.

Programming for the Diagnostic Error collaborative will consist of site visits to participating hospitals across Pennsylvania where project leaders can meet with teams and hear about their improvement strategies for reducing ED radiologic diagnostic errors.  In addition, project leaders will seek input into the development of one new measure that builds on our current measure set assessing patient-provider communication about radiologic “incidental findings”.

During the 6-month extension for the CT Radiation Safety collaborative, participating hospitals will begin collecting data on a new Pediatric CT Radiation Dose measure. The measure is NQF-endorsed and is adopted from The Leapfrog Hospital Survey. This measure will provide an opportunity for hospitals to assess their doses, compare their dose data to national benchmarks, and then implement improvement techniques to ensure they are controlling their CT doses.

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