Cities for Better Health – Philadelphia Observes World Hunger Day 2024

May 21, 2024

In recognition of World Hunger Day (5/28), we’re shining a light on the work being done through Cities for Better Health (CBH) – Philadelphia, an initiative that integrates community-driven and place-based approaches across multiple sectors to change conditions that contribute to chronic disease in the city’s historically vulnerable and underserved communities. CBH – Philadelphia prioritizes programming across the five domains: Collaboration and Coalition Building, Food & Nutrition Equity and Access, Economic Security, Advocacy and Sovereignty, and Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Education. CBH – Philadelphia is also one of 40+ cities participating in an international coalition initiated by Novo Nordisk. 

Get to know some of our newest Food & Nutrition Equity and Access partners below.

Food Connect’s Healthy Food Access Program increases access to healthy food, mitigates transportation barriers, and strengthens community and health care partnerships to address both the direct and root causes of food insecurity, obesity, and diabetes through a community-based, collaborative approach. This program supports prediabetic Main Line Health patients in North and West Philadelphia by offering both home delivery service of nutritious produce as well as virtual educational seminars. Through this program, patients will gain knowledge on diabetes prevention strategies and foster healthy eating habits.

Greener Partners’ Belmont Healthy Schools Project aims to address food insecurity and insufficient food education in schools and the barriers to healthy eating through a combination of urban farming, fresh food access, and food education. Partnering with schools, healthcare systems, community, and faith-based organizations to transform underutilized land into productive urban gardens that serve as sources of fresh food and provide health-promoting green spaces.

Share Food Program’s (SFP) Nutrition Education and Youth Land Stewardship program aims to lead the fight against food insecurity in the Philadelphia region, by serving an expansive, quality partner network of community-based organizations and school districts engaged in food distribution, education and advocacy by strengthening SFP’s direct service work by incorporating critical nutrition and food systems education.

St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children’s (SCFC) Farm to Families and My Family Kitchen program aims to support the core health needs of children through innovative programs in the areas of care, outreach, research, and education by expanding SCFC’s two-pronged approach to addressing food-related social drivers that contribute to chronic disease risk.

Overall, these programs aim to improve healthy food access, provide nutrition education, and address social determinants of health through community partnerships, urban farming, food distribution, and educational initiatives.

To learn more about CBH – Philadelphia and all our partners, click here!

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