Our Anti-Racism Vision

As a collaborative partner invested in the health of diverse communities, HCIF strongly values health equity, accessibility to health care, and freedom from health care harm. We firmly believe we can only achieve equity when all are ensured the right to safe, high quality, and compassionate health care.

HCIF strongly condemns racism and bigotry which are in direct opposition to equity and perpetuate poor health outcomes and disparities. HCIF commits to fighting racism by using and sharing our collective knowledge, influence, and power to advance high-quality health care for all communities.

Our Anti-Racism Commitments

HCIF commits to fostering an inclusive, learning, and growth culture by:

  • Considering the ways in which HCIF upholds white dominant culture, and identifying opportunities to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment
  • Offering professional development opportunities to support staff competency in identifying and addressing racism and bias in health care
  • Creating a culture of trust, safety, and openness that fosters acceptance of and respect for diverse perspectives (in identity, demographics, professional and academic background, lived experience, etc.)
  • Enacting practices that advance diversity beginning with employee recruitment through professional growth

HCIF commits to evaluating our programs through a health equity lens by:

  • Collecting qualitative and quantitative data in a way that values individual identities of program partners
  • Minimizing burden of evaluation on program partners by ensuring we are evaluating measures that matter
  • Identifying and acknowledging health care disparities and their drivers

HCIF commits to designing and implementing our programs to align with our mission and vision of health equity by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing health challenges in order to achieve equitable outcomes
  • Intentionally co-designing programs with partners and communities
  • Seeking opportunities to amplify diverse, historically marginalized, and/or disempowered voices who contribute to the work of our mission
  • Integrating across HCIF programs to support diverse perspectives and innovation

HCIF commits to meaningfully engaging and partnering with our communities by:

  • Building relationships/partnerships internally and externally that are based on trust, understanding, and shared commitments
  • Utilizing HCIF’s sphere of influence to create networks of meaningful engagement and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Creating opportunities for shared growth with partners in advancing anti-racism and addressing disparities
  • Utilizing a strengths and solutions based approach to challenges

Collaborate with Us

Let's work together to improve patient care, build healthier communities, and work to overcome health disparities in our region.

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