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HCIF is dedicated to the vision of healthier communities through equitable, accessible, and quality health care. Increasingly, improving the health of communities requires cooperation and collaboration among many partners. HCIF promotes cross-sector relationships to enhance our partners’ ability to advance and achieve optimal clinical and public health outcomes. We work to overcome silos in order to achieve a responsive, coordinated health care delivery system that improves health across institutions and communities.


Healthier communities through equitable, accessible, and quality health care.


Driving superior health care through collaboration and shared learning.

Our Approach

As a trusted and neutral convener, we rely on our extensive network of institutional and community partners to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience, and best practices to promote optimal health outcomes. Our approach engages and empowers multiple partners and resources to implement solutions that no organization could achieve individually.

We believe in the power of collaboration and shared knowledge. We bridge the gap between organizations and help diverse institutions unite around common goals. Our experience provides evidence that, by working together, organizations will accelerate improvement farther and faster than by working on their own. We bring expertise in program design, coaching, facilitation, measurement, and evaluation to create robust solutions to complex problems. We help to identify clinical and community health needs and develop strategies to address them.

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Our Work

For the past 20 years, we’ve worked with numerous organizations to improve quality of care, health equity, patient safety, and population health issues such as: COVID-19, maternal child health, readmissions, cancer, workplace violence, food security, trauma-informed and healing centered practices, health literacy and a variety of other health challenges. The common theme for our work is breaking down barriers to complex health care challenges which stand in the way of optimal health.

Over the years, we’ve partnered with large health systems, small community hospitals, community-based organizations, employers, faith-based institutions, payers, and public health departments.

Strategic Priorities

HCIF has three main priorities which drive our vision:

Health equity

Community, patient, and family engagement

Bridging the gap between quality of care in health systems and improving community health

Our Commitment to Health Equity

We strongly believe that health equity should lead the way in all we do. Our organizational and programmatic work centers health equity by working to improve healthcare disparities and by promoting optimal health and well-being in all communities. We recognize that this work cannot happen unless we engage and empower communities and then work in partnership to improve health. We also acknowledge that care provided in healthcare institutions is a continuum of the health of the community, and thus we must work to improve care in both settings in order to promote healthy communities.

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

We recognize that structural racism may be the most single contributing factor to sub-optimal health outcomes among some communities. Given that our vision is to achieve healthier communities through equitable, accessible, and quality health care, HCIF strongly denounces any form of racism, bigotry, or bias that compromises the provision of high quality health care.

Collaborate with Us

Let's work together to improve patient care, build healthier communities, and work to overcome health disparities in our region.

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